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5th Ave Suites Inn

5th Ave Suites Inn
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5th Ave Suites Inn is 7 years old. We have had 3,000 visitors on our Website with 10,000 views. Our garden is doing great and our cat population is up.

We enjoy being Inn Keepers! We are making memories of great people who have chosen to stay at our Inn. Our Kansas State Fair vendors who return every year should be arriving soon.

State Fair Special

10 days in our half duplex for 6 at $2250!

Half duplex sleeps 6. Two kings and a bunk bed in this 3 bedroom with one full and one 3/4 bath. Kitchen with all the things you need to feel right at home!

Sorry Kansas State Fair is September 11th to the 20th. We do still have a two bedroom but it is a duplex off site. It is on our web site. All other rooms are booked and we have started a cancelation list. Call and we can discuss the duplex.

We rent our half duplex on a monthly bases only as we discussed on the phone. Subdivision regulation require this. This half duplex is not part of our Inn and does not fall under the same conditions. Sorry.


Homer Gilson

Been a great Spring. Enjoying our garden. Trying vertical potatoes we saw on Facebook.








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